Residence permit

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Application for a residence permit

It is possible to apply for a residence permit before the prefecture :

The application requires the applicant to reach different criteria:
– Temporary residence permit for work reasons (studies, internship, “temporary worker” permit, etc.)
– Private life/family life (marriage to a French citizen or a person with residency in France, sickness, etc.)
– reuniting with family members

Once the Prefecture has received the application for a residence permit, the applicant receives a Temporary Residence Permit (APS), a receipt, or a simple certificate of deposit.
For more information on the law of foreigners, consult the various associations or lawyers specializing in immigration law or the administrative clinic volunteers of APARDAP.

OQTF (Obligation to Leave the French Territory)

Following the refusal of an asylum application or residence permit, the “rejected” usually receive an OQTF. It is possible to challenge an OQTF before the Administrative Court of Grenoble. APARDAP and CIMADE are the Grenoble associations that help people during this period.
The Prefecture issues an OQTF in the department where the person resides. It is the refusal of residence on French territory. There is a possibility to challenge this decision before the Grenoble Administrative Court with the help of a specialized lawyer (APARDAP can assist you with this process).

The associations that can help you

APARDAP and La Cimade aid rejected asylum seekers who can file a residence permit application with the prefecture.

The Committee for the Support of Algerian Political Refugees (CSRA) aid the Algerian refugees in various ways (legal, human material and administrative).